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Prepayment meters from iSupplyEnergy


Our prepayment meter tariffs are great for keeping track of your energy usage and costs. Prepayment meters allow you to control how much you spend by using a top-up key or card. You can top up when and where you want, and you decide by how much.


Discover Green Prepayment Tariff

As a cheap prepayment meter energy supplier in the UK, we strive to be reliable and fair to customers. Our Discover Green Prepayment tariff allows you to be in control of your energy costs and see how much you are using.

Key features of Discover Green Prepayment:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Prices subject to change
  • No need to submit meter readings
  • Emergency credit to ensure you have enough energy until you can top up
  • No termination fee


Benefits of Discover Green Prepayment

Prepayment meters are a great way to keep track of how much you are spending and are ideal for helping to budget, meaning you should not get behind with your bills. Buy credit for your gas card and electricity key from a local outlet, then use this credit to top up your meter’s credit levels, putting you in complete control.

Managing repayment of debt is easy, and you can pay back any money you owe us over a period of time set to suit you.