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We launched our iFix Gas tariff in December 2015 to complement our existing electricity tariffs.

As you’d expect from the company that offers the UK’s best value electricity, our gas tariffs are amongst the most competitive around. iFix Gas is a simple, transparent fixed term tariff where the rate we quote you is guaranteed for a fixed term from the day we start supplying you with gas - you're guaranteed no price rises or unexpected bills for as long as you're on the iFix tariff.

Benefits of iFix gas

  • Guaranteed prices for a fixed term
  • Manage your account online - paperless billing and online account management
  • Easy switching - we're on hand to help you switch gas suppliers quickly and easily

How much will you pay?

The price you pay for your gas is made up of a fixed unit rate (tariff rate) and a fixed daily connection charge - the rates are guaranteed not to change. It's important to remember that it is the rate charged per unit of energy that's fixed. If you use more energy than anticipated, your monthly bill will go up and if you use less than anticipated, your bill will go down.

Important information

  • If you decide to leave us during your fixed term contract, an early termination fee of £30.00 applies.
  • We apply a winter weighting to your contract to avoid extreme fluctuations in your bills over the colder winter months.

Benefits of iVariable

  • Prices subject to change
  • Submit meter readings online
  • Paperless billing
  • Payment by monthly Direct Debit
  • Manage everything online
  • No termination fee

How much will you pay?

Our iVariable tariff means the price of your energy could increase or decrease. You will be informed before the prices are due to change so you have time to switch to a different tariff if you wish.

Important information

  • You will not be charged a termination fee, so you have the freedom to change tariff whenever it suits you best.

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