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Greener cheaper electricity


We want to help you save money and make greener choices. By pricing our 100% renewable electricity at a cheaper rate, we're making it easy and affordable to choose green energy. We're rated 4.2/5 on Trustpilot for customer service too. Switch and save up to £272 a year!


Supplying you with green energy


100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas


Since 2017 we've powered homes across the UK with green electricity generated by wind and solar. All our energy plans include 100% renewable electricity as standard. Our three years fixed plan Sustainably Green also includes 100% carbon neutral gas, encouraging you to stay green for longer. We'll offset the gas you use by investing in carbon reduction projects like wind farms.    

We're committed to helping the UK reach net zero by 2050. But what does net zero mean? Quite simply it's achieving a balance between the emissions we produce and the emissions that are taken out of the atmosphere. By supplying electricity that's cheap and green we're making it easier for you to switch. The more of people that choose green energy the closer we'll be to meeting the net zero target.