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Our electricity and gas prices are amongst the cheapest in the market and we’re always monitoring prices to make sure we stay as competitive as possible. To keep things simple, we offer just two types of tariff for electricity and two tariffs for gas. 

Our most popular tariffs are iFix Electricity and iFix Gas. These tariffs give peace of mind that the unit rate you pay will stay the same for a fixed term without any hidden extras or unexpected price rises. There are exit fees payable for each fuel contract if you leave iSupplyEnergy before the end of the fixed term.

Our variable electricity and gas tariffs do not have an exit fee, but the unit price you pay could go up or down. Whichever tariff you choose, our customer care team are on hand to take the hassle out of switching electricity or gas supplier. Normally the switching process takes around 14 days - you don’t need to do anything other than let us know you want to switch and we’ll do the rest.

All of our electricity is 100% renewable. This means that we make sure that every unit of electricity supplied to our customers is matched 100% with electricity generated from renewable sources. 

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Switching is quick and easy. Simply enter your postcode to get started.