Energy plans explained

What’s an energy plan?


An energy tariff is the electricity, gas or dual energy plan you buy from your supplier. It sets out whether the price you pay for a unit of energy is fixed over a specified period or will vary. It also sets out how much you will pay for each unit of energy and your daily standing charge. 


What type of energy plans do you offer?


We offer fixed and variable energy plans for metered gas, electricity or dual fuel. If energy is supplied through a prepayment meter, we only offer variable tariffs.


What’s a fixed plan?


A fixed energy plan means that over a specified period you will pay a fixed price for a unit of energy (measured in kWh), as well as a daily standing charge. It doesn’t mean that the total you pay each month will be the same. The total you pay depends on your energy usage. For example, in the winter you may use more gas or electric to heat your home compared to the summer.  

We will recalculate your Direct Debit throughout your energy plan to ensure that your bill reflects your energy usage. We ask that you submit meter readings via your online account on a monthly basis so that we are up to date with your energy usage  If you’d like us to recalculate your Direct Debit please contact us.        


How long can I fix my plan for?


You can fix your plan for a minimum of 12 months. We also offer longer term plans, giving you certainty over energy prices which can go up over time. You can see our latest long by getting a quote


What’s a variable plan?


With a variable plan, we charge you per unit of energy used and a daily standing charge, like a fixed plan. However, the price per unit of energy can go up or down, broadly reflecting price fluctuations within the wholesale energy market.

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