How to renew

How do I renew my plan?


Seven weeks before the end of your energy plan, you will be sent a message with your renewal offer via your online account.


A new button will appear on Your Energy Account page. It will ask you to Enter Your New Fixed Rate Contract. Click this button to view the details of the renewal offer. If you’re happy to go ahead, follow the onscreen instructions to proceed.


If you’d prefer to speak to us about your renewal options, please call our team on 0330 2020 373, they’ll be more than happy to help you. 



What happens to my account balance when I renew?


When you renew, the account balance from your expiring energy plan will transfer to your new plan.


At the end of your plan, we’ll ask you to submit a final meter reading so we can calculate a final bill, which will tell us your account balance. If you don’t provide a meter reading, your final bill will be based on an estimated reading.


If you have credit on your account and would like a refund, message us via your online account to let us know. Any credit on your account can be used to reduce your Direct Debit. If the transferred balance is debt, your new Direct Debit will increase. 



What happens if I don’t renew?


If you don’t renew your contract or switch to another supplier, you will be put onto our standard variable rate at the end of your plan. A standard variable rate plan will usually cost more than a fixed energy plan. We recommend that you renew to take advantage of lower prices by logging in to your online account or speaking to one of our renewal specialists on 0330 2020 373.



Can I upgrade my energy plan before my renewal date?


Yes, you can upgrade your fixed term plan by speaking to our renewals team directly on 0330 202 0373 (available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday). 

You won’t pay any exit fees when you upgrade.

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