Smart meters

What are smart meters?


They are the new generation of electricity and gas meters that put you in control of your energy usage. Smart meters measure how much energy you use and share this information with you via an in-home display. It allows us to obtain your meter readings automatically, so you won’t need to submit them manually, resulting in far more accurate bills.


What does a smart meter do?


Smart meters automatically send meter readings directly and securely to us as your energy supplier. This results in far more accurate bills which means no more estimates and manually submitting meter readings. Smart meters connect your in-home display, which is a handheld digital device. This sits in your home and shows you how much energy you are using as well as how much it is costing you.


How does my smart meter work?


It measures your electricity and gas usage which is securely shared with us as your energy supplier.  You can view this information via your in-home display. Your smart meter will securely send meter readings automatically to us, which means that you no longer need to submit them yourself.


What information do you take from my smart meter?


The smart meter is available to receive and send information at any time, which means that we can keep up to date with the amount of energy you’re using.


We use your smart meter information to:


- Take meter readings to ensure that your bills are more accurate

- Improve our service and products to help us work more efficiently as well as meeting customer needs


Will I have separate smart meters for electricity and gas?


Yes, both your electricity and gas meters will be replaced. However, you will only have one in-home display to view your usage and costs.


If I switch energy supplier, will my smart meter stop working?


No, your smart meter will continue to record your electricity and gas usage. If you’re looking to change supplier, it’s best to contact them first and ensure that they can support your smart meter functionality.


Are smart meters accurate?


By law, smart meters must be certified by the Office for Product Safety & Standards to prove their accuracy.


How can my smart meter benefit me?


Two of the main features of your smart meter are:


- It shows exactly how much energy you’re using and how much it is costing you

- It sends accurate meter readings to your energy supplier, meaning no more estimated bills or manual meter readings


The installation of smart meters is a vital upgrade to the UK’s energy system. Smart meters will enable a more efficient, greener and smarter energy system, which provides a new way of running our energy networks.


Do I need Wi-Fi in my home to use my smart meter?


No, smart meters use a bespoke wireless system that is entirely separate to Wi-Fi.


What is the in-home display and what does it do? 


The in-home display is a handheld device that connects wirelessly to your smart meter. It has many features that help you to control your energy usage and spending.


You can see:


- How much energy you are using in near-real time and how much it is costing you. You can switch between pounds and pence, kWh or CO2 emissions

- How much energy you have used within the last day, week, month or year


Does the in-home display cost anything to run?


It will cost less than £1 a year in electricity.


Where should I place my in-home display?


We suggest placing your in-home display near to where your smart meter is installed. If it is too far from your smart meter, it may not work correctly.


Will I still receive energy bills?


You will still receive regular energy bills in the same way that you do now. However, your bills should be more accurate now, as we’ll be able to obtain a meter reading from your smart meter to ensure that your bill for your energy usage is correct.


How often will you obtain meter readings?


We will take automatic meter readings every month and/or when required. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with energy saving advice in the future and offer new and innovative products to you. Automatically obtaining monthly meter readings means that we can bill you more accurately.


Will my health be impacted by my smart meter?


Smart meters used in the UK have undergone thorough safety testing regimes and exceed UK and EU safety standards. Public Health England sees no risk to your health from your smart meter.


Is my smart meter secure?


Security has been at the forefront of the smart meter rollout programme and has been designed to prevent hacking. Smart meters have their own closed communications system and do not use the internet. They have been designed with top cyber security experts and the government to ensure that security best practise is incorporated.


Your smart meter only stores information about your electricity and gas usage, not your personal information such as name and address. The data stored is yours, and you can decide what you want to do with it.


Can my smart meter help me to be more energy efficient?


The in-house display that connects to your smart meter can tell you how much energy you’re using and how much it is costing you. By using this, you can understand which products and appliances in your home use the most energy and find ways of reducing your usage.


My in-home display is faulty or missing. What should I do?


Please contact us by calling our Customer Service Team on 0330 202 0298 (local rate).


If I move home, do I need to take my in-home display with me?


No, as it will not work. Your in-house display is paired with the smart meter in the property. If you are moving home, then please leave it at the property so that the new householder can benefit from using it.


I’ve recently moved in where there is a smart meter, however, there is no in-home display. What do I do?


Please contact us by calling our Customer Service Team on 0330 202 0298 (local rate).


I have a smart meter, but you are asking me for a meter reading. Why?


Smart meters may experience connectivity issues; however, we will identify the issue and attempt to get in touch with you.


I have a smart meter, but I’ve received an estimated bill. Why?


You may receive an estimated bill if we’re unable to obtain a meter reading from your smart meter. When your smart meter is installed, it might take a while for it to become fully active, and therefore, we may not be able to obtain meter readings straight away. If you continue receiving estimated bills, please contact us by calling our Customer Service Team on 0330 202 0298 (local rate).



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