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Prepayment meters


If you prefer to pay for your gas or electric up front or struggle to stay on top of your bills, a prepayment meter could be the right option for you...


What are prepayment meters?


They work in similar way to pay-as-you-go mobile phones. You top up the credit on your meter by taking a key or card to the nearest outlet. Money is taken from the balance as you use energy.


Download our guide to prepayment meters


Switching with a prepayment meter


If you’re switching to iSupplyEnergy with a prepayment meter already installed, use your existing key or card until you receive a new one from us. Your new key or card should arrive before the date we start supplying your energy. If you don't receive it, message us via your online account to let us know.

Once you’ve received your new key or card, ensure that all credit on the meter is used otherwise you may lose it. We're unable to replace credit. 

To activate, insert your new key or card for at least one minute into your prepayment meter. Don’t forget to throw away your old key or card, if used again after activation this will cause issues with your meter.


Topping up your prepayment meter


To top up your prepayment meter, visit your nearest authorised PayPoint or Payzone outlet.  If you don’t top up your meter, your energy supply will stop once your credit is used up, including your emergency credit.  


Emergency credit


Emergency credit allows you to borrow money from the meter if your credit runs out. When you next top up your meter, the emergency credit will be paid back first. If you don’t top up your meter once your emergency credit has run out you will have no power.


Prepayment meter charges


Prepayment meter charges are made up of:


- A standing charge  

- A unit charge for the gas and electricity you’ve used

- Any outstanding debt you need to clear


Prepayment meter readings and statements


Every time you top up your prepayment meter, a meter reading is registered automatically via your key or card. At the end of a year of supply from us, you will receive an annual statement showing your total costs and usage.


How to read a prepayment meter


Your prepayment meter will show a credit amount on the LCD screen.


Repaying debt via a prepayment meter


If you’ve had a prepayment meter installed to help you repay debt, your meter will collect any outstanding balances at the rate you’ve agreed with us. When topping up with credit, account for the debt being taken from the balance on top of your regular use. Once you’ve finished paying the debt, your meter will stop collecting it.


To see how much your electricity meter is collecting debt:


- Insert your key

- Press the blue button until you see the letter ‘S’, which shows you the debt remaining

- Press the blue button again until you see the letter ‘T’, which shows you how much you have agreed to pay every week to clear the debt and your standing charge


How much does it cost to have a prepayment meter fitted?


We may charge you £126 (including VAT) to fit a prepayment meter in your home. 


Installing a prepayment meter


When having a prepayment meter fitted, we will let you know:


- Your chosen date and time slot for when the engineer will carry out the work

- How the meter works

- How much the daily standing charge and unit prices are

- Where you can buy credit

- How to contact us should you need help


When your prepayment meter is installed, the engineer will put some credit on it. To benefit from this credit, you must use all of it before topping up your card or key, otherwise it will be voided. You will receive your prepayment key or card through the post.


What should I do if my key or card is faulty or lost?


If you lose your key or card or they develop a fault, please call us 01202 612 161 or send us a message via your online account to let us know. If your request is received before 4pm, we will issue you with a replacement the next working day. If our offices are closed you will be redirected to our out of hours service.


Who should I contact when there's a problem with my prepayment meter?


If you're experiencing a problem with your meter please contact us


Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.


Outside of our opening hours, you can call our third-party meter operator, Providor on 0333 016 5296. Their phone lines are open Monday to Friday 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm and Sunday or bank holidays 9am - 5pm. In emergencies, Providor offer a 4 hour call out.