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Recalculating a Direct Debit

Can I recalculate my Direct Debit?


If you would like to change the amount, you’re paying via Direct Debit please contact us. You will need to submit an up to date meter reading via your online account before getting in touch.  


Why should I recalculate how much I’m paying?


We recommend you recalculate your Direct Debit so that your payments match the amount of energy you're using. This will help you avoid overpaying for energy or any unexpected bills at the end of your plan.


How do I recalculate my Direct Debit?


Please contact us and provide us with an up to date meter reading.


Why can’t I recalculate my Direct Debit?


This could be due to:


- We don’t have a recent meter reading: you can do this by submitting an up to date meter reading on your online account

- Your fixed rate contract is ending: the outstanding balance will show on your online account once we’ve issued your final statement

- Your Direct Debit is already scheduled to change

- You don’t have a Direct Debit

- Your recent payment is being processed or we are processing a refund

- Your payments are below the threshold for recalculating Direct Debits

- There’s a problem with a payment: contact us via 0330 202 0298 to discuss this further