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Making a payment


The simplest way to pay your bill is by setting up a Direct Debit, paid a month in advance. If you would prefer to pay another way we also accept cash, bank transfer, cheque and card payments (except for American Express)...  


Setting up a Direct Debit


Setting up a Direct Debit ensures that your bill is paid on time taking away any hassle of remembering to pay or incurring a late payment fee. It’s also a safe and secure way of paying as you’ll be covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


If you've switched to us recently you may notice that your Direct Debit doesn't appear to be set up. It can take us a few weeks to process, while we do so there's nothing you need to do as we'll take care of it.    


If you didn't set up a Direct Debit when you joined us you can set it up via your online account or by contacting us. You can edit your Direct Debit in the same way, for example, if you want to pay using a different bank account. 



Direct Debit Guarantee


When paying by Direct Debit you’re automatically protected for:


- Your bank will immediately pay you back if an incorrect payment is taken

- Notification if the date or Direct Debit amount changes


Find out more about the Direct Debit Guarantee


Recalculate your Direct Debit


Recalculating your Direct Debit will change the amount you pay to be more in line with the energy you’re using. Doing this helps to avoid any unexpected costs at the end of your energy plan.


To recalculate your Direct Debit please submit an up to date meter reading via your online account and contact us.


Find out more about recalculating your Direct Debit amount 


Credit or debit card


If you want to pay using a credit or debit card, we need to receive your payment within 14 days of issuing your bill.

Log in to your online account and select Make Credit/Debit Card Payment in the blue control panel on the right-hand-side of the page.

Alternatively, call us on 0330 202 0298 to make a payment.


Standing order and bank transfer


You can make regular, non-varying payments to us with a standing order. You need to set this up with your bank using our bank account details.  

Bank Account Name: iSupplyEnergy Limited

Bank Name: Nordea Bank London

Sort Code: 40-48-78

Account Number: 47939001

You can also use our bank details to transfer payments from your bank account into ours.

Please ensure all payments include your Customer ID followed by either 'ELEC' or 'GAS', for example ABCD1234 ELEC or ABCD1234 GAS, so that we know it’s from you.


Pay by cheque


You can pay us by cheque.

Make your cheque out to iSupplyEnergy Limited and post it to:

Richmond House
Richmond Hill

On the back of your cheque, please write your Customer ID followed by either 'ELEC' or 'GAS', e.g. ABCD1234 ELEC or ABCD1234 GAS, so that we know it’s from you.


Pay by cash


You can pay us by cash with a paying-in slip by visiting your bank.