Additional charges


You will normally only be charged for your energy supply. However, additional charges are applied to some of the extra services we offer, as well as for failed payments...  



Additional charges:


- Failed or returned Direct Debit payments - £10.00 per instance, plus VAT

- For cancelling Direct Debit instructions while in contract - £10.00 per instance, plus VAT

- Late payment fee - £15.00 per reminder, plus VAT

- Invalid indemnity claim - £15.00 per claim, plus VAT

- Producing and issuing a paper copy of a bill, statement, contract or any other document requested by you - £3.60 per document, plus VAT

- Meter accuracy test - price on application

- Moving or changing a meter at your request

- Meter disconnection or reconnection (fuse only) at your request – price on application

- Meter disconnection or reconnection due to non-payment – warrant minimum charge of £105 and site visit charge of £60.00, both plus VAT

- Fitting a prepayment meter voluntarily - £126, including VAT

- Fitting a prepayment meter under warrant - £150, including VAT

- Any fees incurred by the business pursuing non-payment

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