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Final bills

A final bill will be produced when you move home or switch supplier. When you move to a new property or switch supplier, you will need to provide a start meter reading to your new supplier. For us to produce your final bill, we must use the same meter reading that you provide to your new supplier, which is a standard procedure in the energy industry.


If we've told you that your smart meter has been reactivated, you won’t need to submit a meter reading, as this will be taken automatically.


When will I receive my final bill?


Moving home


If you’re moving home, we’ll need the final date that you’ll be responsible for the property and a final meter reading. Your final bill will then be produced within six weeks of the date you have provided us. Any credit on your account will be refunded to you within 10 working days and any deficit on the account will need to be paid to us. There are several ways of making a payment.


Changing supplier


If you are changing supplier, you will need to provide a start meter reading to your new supplier. To produce your final bill, we’ll need the same meter reading that is provided to your new supplier. They will send it to us automatically after you’ve provided it to them. Your final bill is produced within six weeks of you changing energy supplier. If we do not receive the same start meter reading that was given to your new supplier within six weeks, we’ll need to use an estimated meter reading.


If we do have to use an estimated meter reading on your final bill, we will create an updated bill once we’ve received the correct meter reading from your new supplier. This may result in a difference between the first final bill you receive and the amended bill.


If the estimated meter reading is higher than the one your new supplier gives us, we’ll refund any additional credit that has been created. In scenarios where the estimated reading is lower, we’ll calculate the amount that is owed on your account and give you options on ways to make this final payment


There is more information available on changing supplier in the Help section on our website.


Why is my account showing £0.00 balance?


When you renew with us, the balance of your previous plan will show as £0.00, as we will have transferred any outstanding balance to your new plan. To view the balance of your new plan, log in to your account, select ‘Your Energy Accounts’ and see the section ‘Active contract’. The balance you see includes usage charges, new payments and the balance transferred from your previous plan.