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Actively Green is our new energy plan that offers 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas.


We believe in enabling you to power your home with green energy at a low price. As well as offering 100% renewable electricity, our new energy plan, Actively Green provides 100% carbon neutral gas. We call this ‘greener gas’. This means that 100% of the carbon emissions created from gas used in homes is offset by investing in carbon reduction projects, like wind farms in fast developing countries. For every tonne of carbon emitted in the UK, a tonne of carbon is removed through these projects.


Why is this good?


Even though natural gas is classified as one of the cleaner fossil fuels (versus oil products and coal), it is still a fossil fuel and burning it for domestic use does emit some CO2 emissions to the environment. While technology and infrastructure are being developed to stop the use of gas altogether, there’s something we can all do to reduce the impact of the gas we use at home today. iSupplyEnergy’s Actively Green energy plan is 100% carbon neutral using carbon offsetting certificates. The certificates we buy create investments in carbon reduction projects around the world.


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Actively Green is



100% renewable electricity and
100% carbon neutral gas



A great way to neutralise the
climate impact of the gas you use



Supports the development of carbon 
reduction projects around the world

*Based on dual fuel medium consumption, compared to Ofgem default price cap of £1,254 for standard variable tariffs effective from 1 April

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