Energy for you


Energy underpins the way we live. It provides light, keeps us warm and gives us the freedom to travel.


We recognise the benefits of energy mustn’t come at the expense of the planet. Our mission is to help you feel good about the energy you use. We reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as providing great customer service. 


As the country pursues its net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 goal, your life, home and community will change. We’ll always be there to support you with new services and the same great experience.



Renewable electricity


We supply 100% renewably generated electricity with all our energy plans.


You may wonder how we do that. If you’ve got a few moments, we’ll explain.


Companies generating electricity from renewable sources, for example wind turbines or solar panels, put their power into the National Grid. Electricity generated from non-renewable sources is also put it into the National Grid. There’s no way to separate the electricity so the power that comes out of your plug socket is generated from both renewable and non-renewable sources.


In which case, what do we mean when we say we supply 100% renewably generated electricity?  


Like other suppliers of renewable electricity, we participate in a certification system called ‘Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin’ or ‘REGO’. Each unit of renewable electricity that’s generated is certified by the energy regulator, Ofgem, with a REGO certificate. These certificates represent real renewably generated energy that’s been put into the grid.


We buy the right number of REGO certificates to exactly match the units of electricity we supply to customers. In that way, you can be sure that the amount of electricity you use has been renewably generated and put into the grid.  



Greener gas 


Many of our energy plans include 100% carbon offset gas.


Natural gas is a fossil fuel which releases carbon when it’s burned. While it’s a relatively clean fossil fuel, it emits far less carbon than burning oil or gas, it would be better for the planet if we could avoid burning it at all.


There are lot of promising technologies being developed so that we can eventually move away from burning natural gas in our homes. For the time being though, we are going to need to use it to keep warm and for cooking.  


There are two main ways to minimise the harm of burning natural gas.


We can switch to something called bio-methane, which is gas that’s industrially produced from organic waste. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough facilities producing bio-methane to enable it to be used on a national scale. The other way is to offset the carbon emitted by investing in projects that reduce the same amount of carbon from being produced.


That’s what we do. We buy certificates in carbon reduction projects from around the world to totally offset the carbon emitted by the gas we supply to customers.



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