Energy for you


Energy underpins the way we live today.


It gives us light, heat and travel, as well as being central to how the products we use are made and delivered to us.


We recognise the benefits of energy must not come at the expense of the planet. Our mission is to enable everyone to live fossil fuel free within one generation. 


That mission takes in how energy is generated and delivered to you. It also encompasses the way you use energy in your home and when you travel. We are also making strides in reducing the climate change impact of some of the most energy intensive industries.


Renewable electricity

Our 11 wind farms generate 7% of the UK’s total wind-generated electricity and all the electricity we supply is from 100% renewable sources.


Greener gas 

Many of our energy plans include 100% carbon offset gas.


Smart meters 

Our smart meter customers are better able to manage their energy use and provide information that help us make the most of our renewable energy generation. 


Electric vehicles

Our InCharge division is developing a UK network of public charging points.


District heating

Our heating division is helping new housing developments decarbonise the way homes are heated.


Industrial carbon reduction

We’re working with major steel and mineral extraction companies to convert their energy to renewables.

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