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With so much choice, switching energy supplier can be confusing. Our goal is to provide you with affordable green energy options, make your switch easy all with brilliant customer service.

Feel good energy supplier

Get more from iSupplyEnergy than simply electricity and gas. We want you to feel good about being with us. By offering renewable electricity and greener gas at a cheaper price we're making it easy to choose green. You can also be sure we treat our employees fairly and we’re committed to giving back to our community.


Green energy at affordable prices


100% renewable electricity and greener gas 


Together, we can help the UK reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our energy is priced low so you don't have to think twice about making a greener choice. The more households that choose green energy, the easier and quicker will be the UK's journey to reach its environmental target.


That's why we include 100% renewable electricity as standard with all our energy plans. Also, our longer-term energy plan, Sustainably Green, includes 100% carbon neutral gas. Encouraging you to be greener for longer.


Supplying energy with a smile

Paying cheaper prices doesn't mean you should compromise on value. Not only do we offer green energy that's affordable our customer service is great too. It's a top priority and our customers agree we're doing a good job. In fact, they've rated us 'Great' on Trustpilot with 4/5 stars. 



Rated 'Great' Trustpilot


Big thanks to Chantelle from Operations, thanks for your help and perseverance.


- Melan Shah, Trustpilot review 2019




Award winning customer service

In 2019, we won two awards for improving our customer's experience using feedback such as Trustpilot and regular customer feedback forums. 



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