In Summer 2017, iSupplyEnergy was purchased by Vattenfall, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, with over 7 million customers across Europe and 20,000 employees.  We are one of Europe’s biggest retailers of energy and heat and one of the largest producers of electricity and heat, 100% owned by the Swedish state.


About Vattenfall in the UK


Vattenfall has a successful track record of long-term investment and growth in UK renewables, investing over £3bn since entering the market in 2008.  Our ambition is to build on this strong foundation to provide reliable and innovative energy solutions to all parts of the UK energy market.  We will continue to grow in wind and battery storage, strengthening our development pipeline with two 1.8 GW Norfolk offshore wind farms, an extension to an existing site off Kent and onshore wind farms in Scotland and a battery project in Wales.  Acquiring iSupplyEnergy and our new green energy product for the business energy market has complemented our renewable generation portfolio, creating a Vattenfall presence in all parts of the UK market.
















iSupplyEnergy are now helping their customers live in ever climate-smarter ways


At the heart of Vattenfall’s vision is a commitment to develop and operate a sustainable business and sustainable energy at lowest cost to the consumer. We are committed to developing a diverse energy portfolio and reducing our carbon emissions, and our operations in the UK are a cornerstone of this ambition. 


Since our arrival in the UK in late 2008, we have grown our portfolio to a capacity of almost 1GW of energy generation. We are not just committed to helping the UK achieve its carbon targets but to making a real contribution to local communities and the national economy; securing a sustainable energy future at the lowest possible cost to consumers.  In taking projects forward we will build on a century of energy development and operation across Northern Europe.




UK Project Development


Vattenfall works with landowners, local communities and other key stakeholders to bring well-designed projects through the planning and consenting process, investing over £2.2m a year across a broad range of local projects through our community investment. 


- Plusone mentoring Programme

- Pen y Cymoedd mountain bike trail - Blade Trail

- Parc Cynog Woodland Walk

- Habitat Management Funding

- Community Shared Ownership


We have recently opened our latest wind farm in Wales. The Pen y Cymoedd Wind Energy project is Vattenfall's largest onshore wind farm. This will provide power to 188,000 homes a year, which is the equivalent to 15% of all Welsh homes. 


Pen y Cymoedd is now a Renewable Energy Park - the [email protected] is the first result of the agreement between Vattenfall and Natural Resources Wales. The [email protected] can respond to power fluctuations on the grid.


Vattenfall's aspiration is to be fossil free within one generation.


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