Treating Customers Fairly

Download pdf version of our Treating Customers Fairly Statement

Standards of Conduct – Treating Customers Fairly Statement

Our regulator, Ofgem, has asked all energy suppliers to comply with a new licence condition called Standards of Conduct. This states that suppliers should treat their customers fairly and behave in an honest and transparent way.

We believe that iSupply Energy does operate its business in a fair, honest, transparent, appropriate and professional way.

However, it is hard to get things right all the time so we’ll do our best to put things right for you as quickly as possible.

We aim to make our prices and bills, the verbal and written communication we have with you, as easy to understand and with your best interests in mind.

If you do have a problem with our service, one of our Customer Service Agents will try to resolve this with you as soon they can. Our Agents are trained and knowledgeable but if we make a mistake and are unable to resolve it immediately, we have ensured that you are aware of what steps are available to you and guide you to helpful links on our website. Our procedure for dealing with complaints can be found on our Complaints Procedure.

Standards Of Conduct

  • iSupplyEnergy will take all reasonable steps to make sure that you fully understand the product or service being offered (and that it is appropriate for your needs and circumstances)
  • iSupplyEnergy will not change anything material about your product or service without clearly explaining to you why
  • iSupplyEnergy will not prevent any existing customers from switching product or supplier without good reason
  • iSupplyEnergy will not offer products that are unnecessarily complex or confusing
  • iSupplyEnergy will make it easy for you to contact us and act promptly and courteously to put things right if we make a mistake.