Debt Recovery

As a responsible company, iSupplyEnergy aims to ensure customers make regular payments for the energy they use. Firstly, we want our customers to avoid facing negative financial consequences associated with debt, and secondly, as a business, we need to cover costs already incurred in purchasing the energy.

If an account falls into debt, we will always follow the same, scheduled procedure to facilitate payment. If you believe you are a vulnerable customer, and require extra information and help, you can visit our webpage Help for Vulnerable Customers.

The below process has been created to follow all regulations and guidance provided to suppliers in the energy market:

  1. Payment not received within 14 days of the bill being issued.

    iSupplyEnergy will start the debt recovery process. 6 days after the payment due date stated on the bill, iSupplyEnergy will send an email/letter to politely remind that payment is due. Your account will be referred to a Credit Reference Agency, which will affect your credit rating.

  2. Payment not received 7 days after the first email/letter has been sent.

    iSupplyEnergy will send a second letter to request payment. A £15.00 (+VAT) late payment charge will be applicable. An adviser will also contact via telephone.

  3. Payment not received 14 days after the second letter has been sent.

    iSupplyEnergy will send a third letter to request payment urgently. A £15.00(+VAT) late payment charge will be applicable.

  4. Payment not received 7 days after the third letter has been sent.

    iSupplyEnergy will send a text message requesting immediate contact with us for payment to be made. Failure to pay the bill within 7 days after receipt of this text will result in the account being referred to a third party debt collection agency.

  5. Payment not received 7 days after the text message has been sent.

    iSupplyEnergy will regrettably refer the account to a 3rd party debt collection agency.

Post Referral Process

After being referred to our third party debt collector, contact will be made via phone. If this is unsuccessful, they may seek to visit the property.

If contact is made, then one or more of the following could be carried out:

  • Assessment of vulnerability/hardship status. More information can be found by visiting our Help for Vulnerable Customers webpage
  • Assessment of customers' ability to pay
  • Calculation of a payment plan to pay off the debt over a suitable time frame in the most convenient method. This could involve the installation of a prepayment meter or a deposit payment

If contact is not made and/or a payment plan is not agreed, iSupplyEnergy are legally allowed to carry out the following:

  • Enforce installation of a prepayment meter in the property (dependent on known status of vulnerability or hardship)

    Please note that a warrant may be obtained to gain access to your property to fit the prepayment meter.

If you want to make a payment or are having difficulty paying the outstanding balance on your account, you can find useful information on our webpage Support and advice for domestic customers who need extra help with paying bills. Alternatively, you can contact iSupplyEnergy regarding your debt, by calling our Collections Team via 01202 612236.

Please note failure to pay debt could result in legal action and could affect your credit rating in the future.