Complaints Reports

We have a complaints handling procedure which you may view and obtain a copy of by clicking here. We are governed by The Gas and Electricity Consumer Complaint Handling Standards (Regulations 2008) click here to view and obtain a copy.

Quarterly Reports

Quarter Number of complaints received Number of complaints received per 100,000 customer accounts Number of complaints resolved Number of complaints resolved per 100,000 customer accounts % resolved at day + 1 % resolved at eight weeks
3 2018 1023 500 1134 554 21 59
2 2018 1417 669 1142 540 19 89
1 2018 1312 630 1337 642 19 87
4 2017 1181 606 1213 621 13 73
3 2017 1138 627 1382 762 4 72
2 2017 1297 709 1158 633 3 78
1 2017 1353 872 1281 825 3 79
4 2016 1111 1415 903 1150 5 79
3 2016 913 1438 854 1345 11 82
2 2016 1014 1756 961 1664 15 86
1 2016 978 2034 902 1876 20 85
4 2015 782 1689 782 1689 18 89
3 2015 701 1502 688 1475 27 88


We take pride in our low price achievements but we also take our customers' views very seriously and will always seek to improve our service to be the best value as well.

We invest time in reviewing our customer contact in detail to help us really understand the reasons for any dissatisfaction expressed.

This will allow us to initially identify the top five reasons for dissatisfaction so that we can make efforts to improve in these areas.

Top 5 complaint types and plans to address

Customer Service

iSupplyEnergy believes in doing the right thing for our customers but sometimes things can go wrong and customers may not receive the level of service that we or they would expect. Customer service remains a key priority for us, and we are continually analysing our processes to ensure the feedback we get from our customers is used to enhance their experience with us.

This winter saw our client base escalate and an increase in the number of calls we received, which had an adverse impact on the number of operators we had available to respond through our online messaging system. This contributed to a rise in complaints which we have reacted to by increasing the number of our customer service advisors and also delivering training packages to supplement their skill base and enabling them to handle complaints more efficiently.

Direct Debit

At iSupplyEnergy, your direct debit payment date coincides with the start date of your energy supply. Many of our complaints have been related to changing the date of when the customers' payments are due. This minimises our costs and enables iSupplyEnergy to continue to offer competitive prices for our customers. To prevent and reduce these complaints we have also introduced a greater selection of supply start dates to provide more choice and variety.

We are continuously improving and developing our internal systems such as the improvement to our refunds process which automatically sets up refunds when final statements are generated.

Industry Issues

We invest time in reviewing our customers' feedback and understand the frustrations in transferring your supply which is why we have no pushy selling and offer a simple online self-service approach to transferring to iSupplyEnergy. We have listened to our customers' feedback related to transferring through comparison companies and have recognised that the information they present regarding our services is not always consistent and customers who join us through that route can experience delays in their electricity supply transfer.

We have worked hard with the comparison companies to improve our relationships with them to ensure the information that they present about us is clear.

We have also improved our internal system to be more streamlined so we can keep customers better informed during the transfer process.

Website / Customer Online Account

We are continuing to improve the functionality of our self-serve online account system and using this approach means that we can offer the best prices possible to our customers.

We are looking into restructuring the layout of our website based on customer feedback to enhance the experience making it easier to use for our existing customers and communicate better with our potential customers.


It is important to understand your energy statement and we do recognise that sometimes these can be complicated which is why we have reviewed the layout of our energy statements to provide a clear and concise view of the energy used.

We have introduced a new billing team to deal with any problematic accounts for our customers who are dedicated to sending accurate statements out to our customers in a timely manner.