About iSupplyEnergy

iSupplyEnergy is a gas and electricity supplier based in Bournemouth. Launched in 2012, thousands of new customers every month trust iSupplyEnergy to look after their energy.

Whether it’s straightforward and low pricing, or a customer portal to help manage energy accounts online, iSupplyEnergy focus on simplicity, fair prices and great customer service.

This means: 

  • No confusing discounts, cash back offers or complex incentives programmes – just simple, low and honest pricing
  • Our customer online portal means that we can offer the best prices possible
  • We try to introduce new and innovative products for the UK to give you more real choice for how you buy your energy

On top of this, we provide high quality customer service using our online systems, rather than large call centres, to help manage our customer’s energy needs.

Quite simply, we want to help revolutionise the domestic energy market. Through simple and new products, honesty and plain hard work, we want to help rebuild trust in an industry that is long overdue a change.

Make the switch today – it’s easy!