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We help UK households minimise their impact on the environment and reduce the cost of energy by supplying greener energy at affordable prices. Whether it’s 100% renewable electricity or green gas, our energy plans make it easy for you to make climate smarter choices. You’ll save money and do your bit for the planet.


You can choose from our range of fixed price energy plans for electricity, gas and dual energy so that you'll know how much you're charged for your energy consumption over the period of the plan. This means you don’t have to worry about rising energy prices, no matter what happens within the wholesale market or UK economy.


In fact, our greener gas is amongst the cheapest available, which we believe allows our customers to discover the benefits of green living at a low price.


Providing great customer service is our top priority and our high Trustpilot rating shows our customers agree we’re doing well.


From the moment you choose us as your energy supplier, we make everything simple. Choosing the right energy plan online is easy. Once you’ve signed up and we’ve started supplying you, your online account makes managing your energy straightforward.


It’s not just online that we look after you. We understand that from time to time you’ll want to speak to us. Our UK customer experience centre is ready to help you if you need specific assistance.


We’re proud to be one of the few suppliers in the UK that generates more renewable electricity than we supply to our own customers.


Over the last 10 years our parent company, Vattenfall, has invested more than £3.5 billion in building UK renewable energy generation capacity. It has 11 UK wind farms which can put more than 1GW of renewable energy into the grid. At the same time, it’s also actively helping the UK decarbonise domestic heating and is building an electric vehicle charging network.

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